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Trip to Canada

I am sorry for this loooong post, but I couldn't resist to show some of the pictures that we took during our trip to Canada for the Vows Renewal of Alicia and Robert (you can see their photos here).

As you can see instead of flying from San Diego to Edmonton, Canada, we decided to drive. Yes it sounds like crazy, but was an incredible experience traveling with my husband and my 7yr old son. Definitely I could do it again.

We left our home at 2:00 a.m. and took a breakfast in Las Vegas.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here are some photos of  Montana, is so beautiful!

Butte, Montana.

Just after crossed the border to Canada.

Beautiful town Fort Saskatchewan, Canada.

After the Vows Renewal we drove through Jasper National Park, which is the prettiest place I ever been.

While driving we found this big horn sheeps.

My son Alex took these photos while a family of big horn sheeps were crossing the highway.

Entering to Vancouver, Canada.

 Then we had a lunch in this awesome place Meat & Bread.

Seattle, Washington.

First Starbucks in Seattle.

Here is our family!!!

Golden Gate, San Francisco, California.

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